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Wenatchee Valley Humane Society Temporary Quarantine

The WVHS has put their cat adoption hall under temporary quarantine due to feline parvovirus, that recently appeared at the shelter in a few kittens.

The quarantine began Tuesday and may be lifted on December 3, 2019, unless more cats test positive for the virus.

The virus strikes kittens the hardest because of their underdeveloped immune system.…

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No Charges For Jail Officer Who Shot Dog In June

Prosecutors decided not to press charges against a Chelan County Jail employee who attempted to euthanize his dog this summer.

The incident occurred June 5, when the dog’s owner took him to Beehive up the Squilchuck and shot him three times. He forgot a shovel to bury the dog named Louie, went home to get one but when he returned Louie was gone.…

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Dog Shooting Investigation Complete, Wenatchee Police Say Owner Came Forward

New information is coming to light in the shooting of a dog in the Beehive Reservoir area off Mission Ridge Road June 5.

A man found the dog with three gunshot wounds and took him to the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society for treatment.

On June 10, the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office asked the Wenatchee Police Department to take over the investigation because of an internal conflict.…

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