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City of Wenatchee’s 2020 Budget – ‘Planning For Tightening’

It’s a mix of good and not-as-good news for the city of Wenatchee’s 2020 budget. Sales tax revenue is still strong, but slowing, said Brad Posenjak, the city’s Finance Director. The city will fund three additional police officers to bring the police department to full staffing – 45 officers – where it was before the…

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Wenatchee Adds Second School Resource Officer

The Wenatchee School District added a second School Resource Officer – Wenatchee Police Officer Jared Shepard. Shepard joins Dan Langager in the KOHO studios to talk about why he took the job and his relationship with students, teachers and parents. Hunter said moved to Wenatchee a few years ago from Nebraska and said his family…

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Despite Some Sales, Local Fireworks Bans In Effect

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate our country’s independence and the freedoms that provides. But in fire-prone North Central Washington, that means one big fireworks display instead of countless small ones. Marcus Bellissimo reports.

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Wenatchee School District, Police Conducting Active Shooter Training

The Wenatchee Police Department is conducting Active Shooter training this week at Wenatchee High School. The training supports the efforts of the School Saftey Advisory Group, a collaboration between the Wenatchee School District, Wenatchee Police Department and other law enforcement and agency groups to improve and support school safety and security measures. The topics covered…

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