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Are New Firearm Rules In Washington Unconstitutional? Some Sheriffs Say Yes, But Courts Will Decide

Local law enforcement officers in areas of Washington are calling a new law making changes to semi-automatic rifle and other firearm regulations in the state unconstitutional. Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer says he will not enforce the new initiative that places stiff requirements on the sale and ownership of semi-automatic rifles. The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office…

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Finding Compromise On Policing Police, Lawmakers Pass Version Of I-940

State lawmakers passed legislation last month to make it easier to prosecute police who commit bad shootings, updating a law that made it uniquely difficult to hold officers criminally liable. Gov. Jay Inslee signed the measure, ending years of wrestling over the existing law, which forces prosecutors to prove the officers acted with malice —…

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Extra Deputy Training Top Priority at Chelan County Sheriff’s Office

Over the last couple years, the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office has made increasing training courses for deputies a high priority. Conducting that training largely falls on the capable shoulders of two sheriff’s deputies and KOHO’s Dan Langager is sitting with them to learn more about the Training Division.

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