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Saddle Rock Mining Clean Up: Survey Team Starts Soil Sampling This Week

Consultants for the City of Wenatchee start surveying and field testing soil samples this week at Saddle Rock Park. Old mining claims on Saddle Rock left drilling waste and arsenic-tainted rock piles scattered across the popular recreation area, said Charlotte Mitchell, Capital Projects Manager for the City of Wenatchee Parks Dept.…

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KOHO Outdoor Report – Evergreen Mnt. Bike Alliance, C-D Land Trust

In this week’s KOHO Outdoor Report, we get an update on the reopening of Sage Hills and other foothills trails kept closed this spring. Normally they reopen on April 1, but the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust and its partners decided to postpone to give trails more time to dry out and mule time to forage on fresh green just starting to pop up.…

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KOHO Outdoor Report – Chelan-Douglas Land Trust

Today in the KOHO Outdoor Report we’re talking trails and snow. Hanne Beener is the Trails Program Manager and Hillary Clark is the Membership & Education Coordinator at the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust.

Clark talks about guided snowshoe and hiking trips the Land Trust hosts and Beener said they’re putting on several trail work parties after Sage Hills reopens in April.…

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Outdoor Report –

In this week’s KOHO Outdoor Report, Dan Langager talks with Sarah Shaffer, Executive Director of, about enjoying fall hiking in the Wenatchee Foothills, especially before Sage Hills closes Dec. 1, and taking out visiting family for Thanksgiving into our local outdoor playground. And this weekend’s opening of Mission Ridge.…

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