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Wash. Forest Bill Would ‘Empower’ Local Communities, Supporters Say

Senate Bill 5783 would create a pilot program for community forests in the Evergreen State, potentially giving local communities more decision-making power over local forests. The bill’s supporters say it would benefit Nason Ridge and other forest lands in from North Central Washington, as Eric Tegethoff reports.…

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Wenatchi Landing: $2 Million Capital Budget Request For Sewer Line

This year’s legislative session in Olympia reached the half-way point this week. Although lawmakers have passed the so-called “fiscal cutoff” for bills – getting legislation that has fiscal impacts out of committee – we haven’t heard a lot of talk about budgets yet.

2019 is a biennium year – a longer, 105-day session in which lawmakers must pass three, two-year budgets for the state – operating, transportation and capital.…

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City of Leavenworth Update – Mayor Cheri Farivar

Leavenworth Mayor Cheri Farivar joins Dan Langager on the KOHO Morning Show to talk about a bill sponsored by Sen. Brad Hawkins and signed by Gov. Jay Inslee last week allowing the city to burn some yard waste despite its location within the state’s apple maggot quarantine zone. The city’s brush drop-off site opens next Friday and the council wants to limit unlicensed bitcoin miners in the city.…

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2018 Legislative Session Week 8 Roundup

The Washington Legislature has adjourned its 60-day legislative session. A one-time property tax-cut, fighting to uphold unamended apple maggot quarantine legislation, salary equality for men and women and the capital dome gets some much needed help. Marcus Bellissimo has your final Legislative Roundup.…

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Legislature Passes, Gov. Signs Net Neutrality Rules Following FCC Repeal

Setting up a likely legal fight with the Trump administration, Washington has become the first state to enact its own net-neutrality rules. The Federal Communications Commission voted in December to gut requirements meant to prevent broadband companies such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon from exercising more control over what people watch and see on the internet.…

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2018 Session: Senator Brad Hawkins Talks Local Projects In Supplemental Budgets, Sponsored Bills, Public Records Act

12th District Senator Brad Hawkins joins Dan Langager every Tuesday on the KOHO Morning Show during the 2018 legislative session in Olympia.
Today Hawkins talks about the three supplemental budgets passed by the Senate this week – operating, capital, transportation, how to spend extra revenues and increase teacher pay, whether bills he’s sponsored in the Senate will make it out of the House, the latest with the proposed carbon tax and more.…

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