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Chelan PUD Against Snake River Dam Removal Proposals

The Chelan County PUD officially opposes removal of lower Snake River Dams.

On Monday the PUD Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution proposed by Commissioner Randy Smith that says the PUD supports preserving hydropower generation at the four dams and joins other public utilities in opposing their removal.

Smith told KOHO he’s not sure removing the dams would ultimately help migrating salmon as dam managers have installed fish ladders and other bypasses.…

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WDFW To Use Drones For Counting Salmon Spawning Nests In Wenatchee River

Unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, can be used for any number of activities too difficult or time consuming for people, from surveying back-country power lines to aerial livestock surveillance.

Local wildlife managers will deploy drones to count spawning salmon in the Wenatchee River basin this fall. …

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More Spill at Washington Dams Proposed to Help Starving Orcas

State regulators want to increase the amount of water that’s spilled over eight dams in order to help juvenile salmon survive as they migrate in the Columbia and Snake rivers. Increasing salmon populations could also help the region’s shrinking orca population. There’s a meeting on the proposal today in Vancouver, as Eric Tegethoff reports.…

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Through Education About Salmon Passage, PNW Can ‘Have Cake And Eat It Too’

Salmon have largely been cut off from the Upper Columbia River for the last 80 years, since the construction of the Chief Joseph and Grand Coulee Dams.

Caj Matheson, Director of Natural Resources for the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, told KOHO work is underway by tribes, environmental groups, farmers and state and federal agencies to reintroduce salmon to the 1,200 miles of river habitat.…

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Saving Salmon to Save Orca Part 2: NCW Rivers Critical Habitat for Salmon, Steelhead

Orcas in Pacific Northwest waters are hungry. Their preferred food – salmon – are endangered just like them. The orcas have struggled over the last decade with pollution, boat noise and a lack of prey – chinook salmon.

Although far from the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound, North Central Washington plays a critical role in the success of the endangered orcas that live off Washington’s coast.…

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Saving Salmon to Save Orca Part 1: Public Comment on Recommendations Ends Today

Washingtonians have until today to submit their thoughts on the Southern Resident Orca Task Force‘s recommendations for saving the endangered population.

In this multi-part series on KOHO, we’ll explore why the orca population has dwindled, what state agencies and conservation groups are trying to do about it, and how North Central Washington is part of the solution.…

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‘Salmon On The Move’ at the 28th Annual Wenatchee River Salmon Festival

The 28th annual Wenatchee River Salmon Festival starts today with thousands of students from across Central Washington coming to the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery to learn about all things salmon.

Community Day is Saturday, with “edu-tainment” for the whole family.

KOHO’s Dan Langager talked with the Festival’s Director Corky Broaddus about how it’s grown over nearly 30 years, student days today and tomorrow, this year’s theme “Salmon On The Move” and more.…

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