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Leavenworth Planned Burn Today, Pine St. Rebuild Goes To Bid

The City of Leavenworth will conduct a controlled burn today on city-owned land adjacent to Mountain View Cemetery. The material for burning is green waste collected by the city as required by the Dept. of Agriculture because of Apple Maggot Quarantine restrictions in western Chelan County. The burn is permitted under the Dept. of Ecology…

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City of Leavenworth Update – Mayor Cheri Farivar

Leavenworth Mayor Cheri Farivar joins Dan Langager on the KOHO Morning Show to talk about preparations for this year’s annual Oktoberfest, a parks improvement levy on the November ballot, next summer’s major rebuild of Pine Street – with a public meeting Oct. 25, and an upcoming listening session with Senator Brad Hawkins Oct. 5.

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City of Leavenworth Update

Leavenworth Mayor Cheri Farivar joins Clint to give an update on deliberations among city staff, the council and residents on whether to allow overnight rentals in city limits and proposed traffic revisions on Birch and Pine Streets.

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