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Saving Salmon to Save Orca Part 2: NCW Rivers Critical Habitat for Salmon, Steelhead

Orcas in Pacific Northwest waters are hungry. Their preferred food – salmon – are endangered just like them. The orcas have struggled over the last decade with pollution, boat noise and a lack of prey – chinook salmon.

Although far from the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound, North Central Washington plays a critical role in the success of the endangered orcas that live off Washington’s coast.…

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Saving Salmon to Save Orca Part 1: Public Comment on Recommendations Ends Today

Washingtonians have until today to submit their thoughts on the Southern Resident Orca Task Force‘s recommendations for saving the endangered population.

In this multi-part series on KOHO, we’ll explore why the orca population has dwindled, what state agencies and conservation groups are trying to do about it, and how North Central Washington is part of the solution.…

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How Was 2017 For Northwest Salmon?

This week on the show we’re recapping some of the big stories of the year. Yesterday we talked about media coverage of wildfires and how it stacked up to coverage of other natural disasters, as well as politics and President Trump. And check out our chats with local cities, businesses and organizations wrapping up this year and looking forward to next.…

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