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With Declining Applications, PNW Universities Easing Admissions Process

Universities in Washington fear there may soon be fewer students to fill their classes due to a national decrease in births during the Great Recession.

Children born during the economic recession that struck in December 2007 will begin graduating from high school in five years, but the recession caused many people to delay having children.…

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It’s Not Summer Yet, But This Week Sure Feels Like It

Forecasters say people in much of the Pacific Northwest should prepare for warmer than normal temperatures this week with highs into the 90s in some areas.

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory from noon today through tomorrow night.

And although we can expect temperatures to cool off next week, they’ll still remain above normal, as Marcus Bellissimo reports.…

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NCW’s Energy Future – What Is The ‘Thin Green Line’? Part 2

Continuing our series looking at the Thin Green Line and the role the Pacific Northwest is and will play in America’s energy future.

In Part 1, we looked at shifts away from coal towards cheaper, more abundant oil and natural gas. And so due to the shrinking domestic market, coal companies want to send their fossil fuels to markets in Asia; to do so they need ports and terminals along the west coast.…

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NCW’s Energy Future – What Is The ‘Thin Green Line’? Part 1

America’s energy landscape is undergoing seismic shifts – sometimes literally. Although North Central Washington’s hydropower remains a staple, more solar, wind and hydrogen is coming on board.

For other parts of the country, new technologies have made shale oil and natural gas extraction cheaper and easier than coal. So those coal companies need a way to export their products to new markets in Asia.…

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PNW Preparing For ‘The Big One,’ But Are Earthquake Fears Grounded In Facts?

Wildfires are by-and-large the most severe natural disasters that occur here in North Central Washington. We also see flooding during heavy rain storms, and there’s the potential for earthquakes in the area as well. The Pacific Northwest as a whole is preparing itself for the big one – a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake that could devastate the region.…

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