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Searching the Okanogan Drainage for Multiple Ice Age Events and Catastrophic Flooding: A FOOLS Journey

Wenatchee Valley Erratics Chapter of the Ice Age Floods Institute will meet at 7:00 P.M., Tuesday, October 8 at the Wenatchee Valley Museum, 127 South Mission, Wenatchee.

Glacial features of the Okanogan area have stories to tell, and a FOOL has come to tell them. Don Hruska, retired mining geologist, is one of four Okanogan residents who formed the FOOLS, Friends of the Okanogan Lobe.…

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This Week’s Rain Only Slightly Helpful For NCW Summer Water Supply

Conservation and drought – two words you don’t to hear when forecasting the state water supply through September.

Marcus Bellissimo reports this week’s rain meant good things for some areas of Central Washington at risk of drought this year. The lowland precipitation will help with soil moisture, but it won’t make up for the shortage of snowpack that feeds the Methow, Twisp, Okanogan and Similkameen rivers in Okanogan County.…

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Saving Salmon to Save Orca Part 2: NCW Rivers Critical Habitat for Salmon, Steelhead

Orcas in Pacific Northwest waters are hungry. Their preferred food – salmon – are endangered just like them. The orcas have struggled over the last decade with pollution, boat noise and a lack of prey – chinook salmon.

Although far from the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound, North Central Washington plays a critical role in the success of the endangered orcas that live off Washington’s coast.…

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Three Wind-Fueled Wildland Fires Burning In Okanogan County

Several wildland fires burning in Okanogan County. One fire is burning northeast of Riverside, DNR crew are en route. Another fire is burning  NE of SR 97, 3 miles north of Pateros and a third wildland fire burning south of Oroville on SR 97 at milepost 329. Okanogan County Emergency Management says crews are heading to all three incidents.…

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Wenatchee Valley College Launching Wildland Fire Program At Omak Campus

wildland-fire-program-socialThe need for a wildland fire program at Wenatchee Valley College started after the devastating 2014-2015 fire seasons. That program is now in the development phase, and you can get involved. Marcus Bellissimo has the story.

For more information or to attend the public forum tomorrow in Omak contacting Wildland Fire Instructor Marshall Brown at …

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