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NCW’s Energy Future – What Is The ‘Thin Green Line’? Part 2

Continuing our series looking at the Thin Green Line and the role the Pacific Northwest is and will play in America’s energy future.

In Part 1, we looked at shifts away from coal towards cheaper, more abundant oil and natural gas. And so due to the shrinking domestic market, coal companies want to send their fossil fuels to markets in Asia; to do so they need ports and terminals along the west coast.…

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NCW’s Energy Future – What Is The ‘Thin Green Line’? Part 1

America’s energy landscape is undergoing seismic shifts – sometimes literally. Although North Central Washington’s hydropower remains a staple, more solar, wind and hydrogen is coming on board.

For other parts of the country, new technologies have made shale oil and natural gas extraction cheaper and easier than coal. So those coal companies need a way to export their products to new markets in Asia.…

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Supporters of I-1631 Say Coal Plant Closure Latest Example of Carbon Fee’s Potential

The fight over a ballot initiative that would charge a carbon pollution fee is already drawing big money.

Initiative 1631 would charge large industrial emitters an escalating fee of $15 per metric ton of carbon emissions starting in 2020. Money raised — about $1 billion in the first year — would pay for projects aimed at electrification, pollution reduction and protecting the environment.…

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Financial Wanderings with Brad Blackburn

Brad Blackburn of Blackburn Financial in Cashmere joins Chris in your Financial Wanderings to talk about the recent uptick in the markets and other economic metrics, impacts on the economy following last month’s election, recent decisions by OPEC affecting oil prices and consumer spending.…

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Demonstration in Wenatchee Protests Dakota Oil Pipeline

Demonstrators fanned out across North America yesterday to demand the U.S. government halt or reroute the Dakota Access pipeline. Meanwhile, companies behind the controversial project in central North Dakota asked a federal court for permission to complete it. Activists called for demonstrators to protest at Army Corps of Engineers offices and offices of banks that are financing the pipeline project.…

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