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This Week’s Rain Only Slightly Helpful For NCW Summer Water Supply

Conservation and drought – two words you don’t to hear when forecasting the state water supply through September. Marcus Bellissimo reports this week’s rain meant good things for some areas of Central Washington at risk of drought this year. The lowland precipitation will help with soil moisture, but it won’t make up for the shortage…

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Cascade Snowpack Gets Big Boost From February Storms

Snow in the Valley equals snowpack in the mountains, which in turn brings water during the spring and summer months. A recent bout of heavy snowstorms this month has helped the states snowpack get out of the danger zone. Marcus Bellissimo reports.

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Financial Assistance Available for Wildfire-Impacted Farmers and Ranchers

This year’s wildfire season affected nearly everyone in central Washington in some fashion, from poor air-quality to property damage. Farmers and ranchers in our region suffered large losses in the form of grazing lands and the U.S. Department of Agricultural wants to help. Marcus Bellissimo reports. Learn more and how to apply at the Natural…

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