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Summer’s First Heat Wave Arrives Today

Heat and smoke – something we’re unfortunately familiar with in NCW during the summer months. But so far this year we’ve avoided both, until this week. Marcus Bellissimo breaks it down.

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It’s Not Summer Yet, But This Week Sure Feels Like It

Forecasters say people in much of the Pacific Northwest should prepare for warmer than normal temperatures this week with highs into the 90s in some areas. The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory from noon today through tomorrow night. And although we can expect temperatures to cool off next week, they’ll still remain…

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Late-Week Heat Could Soar To Record Levels Across Pacific Northwest

An already mild stretch in the Pacific Northwest will kick into another gear late this week as temperatures soar near-to or at record levels. The upcoming heat will have warm weather fans rejoicing, but can put a strain on some residents who are not yet accustomed to such high temperatures this early in the year.…

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