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Garden Guru – Seed Saving, Climate Strikes

Scott Parsons is your Garden Guru and joins us every Tuesday during the growing season to help us green our thumbs.

Episode 25, is all about saving seeds for next year’s garden and the climate strikes that took place around the world last week, including in Wenatchee.

Scott Parsons collecting basil seeds.
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Young Climate Debate Supporters Turning Up Heat On Democratic Party

Election season is heating up at the local and national level. Washington’s primary is Tues. Aug 6 and more democratic presidential debates take place next week.

As those candidates head into their second debate, pressure is growing for the Democratic National Committee to approve a debate focused on climate change, as Eric Tegethoff reports.…

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Whitman Professor Says Celebrate Environmental Success Stories, While Taking Action Now On Climate Change

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the threats of climate change, as well as how it’s portrayed in the media, how we talk about it as a society. But one expert in Washington says it’s not all doom and gloom.

Whitman College Professor Dr. Frank Dunnivant has a new book out – “Environmental Success Stories” – which asks us to not forget the positive, progressive actions we as a country and a species have already taken to tackle environmental issues.…

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NCW’s Energy Future – What Is The ‘Thin Green Line’? Part 2

Continuing our series looking at the Thin Green Line and the role the Pacific Northwest is and will play in America’s energy future.

In Part 1, we looked at shifts away from coal towards cheaper, more abundant oil and natural gas. And so due to the shrinking domestic market, coal companies want to send their fossil fuels to markets in Asia; to do so they need ports and terminals along the west coast.…

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NCW’s Energy Future – What Is The ‘Thin Green Line’? Part 1

America’s energy landscape is undergoing seismic shifts – sometimes literally. Although North Central Washington’s hydropower remains a staple, more solar, wind and hydrogen is coming on board.

For other parts of the country, new technologies have made shale oil and natural gas extraction cheaper and easier than coal. So those coal companies need a way to export their products to new markets in Asia.…

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