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Wenatchee Land Usage, Availability with Mayor Frank Kuntz

Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kuntz joins Dan Langager on the KOHO Morning Show to talk about several land-use issues in the city right now – annexations in west Wenatchee between Springwater Ave. and Maple Streets, plans for more north-south road connections in that area, public concerns about building in the foothills and the property downtown at 5th St.…

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City of Leavenworth Update – Mayor Cheri Farivar

Leavenworth Mayor Cheri Farivar joins Dan Langager on the KOHO Morning Show to talk about discussions with the County about overnight rental regulations outside of city limits, Lodging Tax funding to local events and meetings coming up with the Chelan PUD and U.S. Forest Service.…

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Chelan PUD Planning 13 New, Expanded Substations Due To Rising Energy Demand

Energy use in the Lake Chelan area has grown nearly five times higher than in other areas of the county since 2015, according to the Chelan County PUD.

Customer Service Director Andy Wendell told KOHO that is accelerating planning to meet the area-wide electric needs for new homes, businesses and industry, including an invitation for public comments.…

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2018 ‘Very Good Year’ For Chelan PUD, GM Steve Wright Says

2018 was a positive year for the Chelan County PUD, said their General Manager Steve Wright. And he said they have more than 70 initiatives to tackled this year.

Wright joins Dan Langager in the KOHO studios to recap last year and look ahead. He said they’ll be developing a new strategic plan for 2020-2024, plus considering options for a combined Service/Operations Center in Olds Station, and looking for public comment on those and other issues.…

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Tips For Staying Safe, Warm During Winter Storms, Power Outages

A storm rolling in today with bring at least a few inches to the Wenatchee Valley over the next 24 hours. Power outages can be inconvenient at best, and during the winter, deadly at worst. But a few simple tips can keep you safe and warm during an outage, as Marcus Bellissimo reports.…

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Wenatchee City Hall Officially Moves Into Federal Building

The Wenatchee city council held it’s final meeting of the year last night, the final meeting in the “old” city hall on Chelan Avenue after 44 years in the building. City Hall has moved into the Federal Building – the upper story for now, until the main floor gets renovated in 2020.…

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Chelan PUD Board Approves New Cryptocurrency Rate, Effective April 1

The Chelan PUD has lifted its moratorium on cryptocurrency businesses, after they arrived at a new rate schedule for emerging industry. Marcus Bellissimo reports Chelan County PUD commissioners Monday approved a new rate for cryptocurrency, blockchain and similar operations. It goes into effect April 1, 2019, the same day the District will accept new cryptocurrency service applications.…

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