Tips For Staying Safe, Warm During Winter Storms, Power Outages

A storm rolling in today with bring at least a few inches to the Wenatchee Valley over the next 24 hours. Power outages can be inconvenient at best, and during the winter, deadly at worst. But a few simple tips can keep you safe and warm during an outage, as Marcus Bellissimo reports.

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Will It Be A White Christmas? Maybe

Singers have sung about it, wordsmiths have waxed poetically about it, skiers and snowboarders long for it. Of course, we’re talking about snow – snow on Christmas to be precise. Will it be a white Christmas this year? Maybe, as Marcus Bellissimo reports.

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Winter Driving Tips From AAA Washington

Winter is here and that means winter driving conditions. AAA Washington has a few simple suggestions to keep your time on the road safe and at a minimum if am emergency should arise. Marcus Bellissimo reports.

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