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Herb Garlic Prime Rib

  • Trim fat and silver skin from roast
  • Tie with butcher twine to maintain shape
  • Apply Worchester sauce or olive oil for binder
  • Season with your favorite rub
  • Bring a stick of butter to room temp
  • Mix in 1 Tsp. ea of rosemary / Thyme / Sage
  • Add Three Tablespoons of crushed garlic
  • Spread herb butter mixture all over roast
  • Place in 250 deg smoker to 115 internal temp
  • Bump to 400 and finish to desired doneness
  • Optional – Remove and sear all sides in cast iron skillet to create a crust.
  • Rest for 20 minutes (temp will raise during this time so if you want 130 pull it at 125.

See the video recipe on YouTube here:

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