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  1. Cecelia on October 10, 2020 at 9:05 am

    Hello Sheriff Brian :
    Thank you for your input and services ,
    You covered about everything in your public statement about the challenges with the season change .; may I add that with this change in Season every Driver needs to remember to go the Speed limit as posted and slow down according to weather conditions . The roads are going to be slippery from the oil on the roads dry weather and rain plus it’s a big challenge for your deputies to have to be everywhere at the same time .
    As we enter this change I’d really like to see the Budget cutting Bs give up their pay check to fund your shortage on (EVERYTHING) NEEDED … I’m praying these waisted Round a boots are Stoped as their are more important needs that ‘ should ‘ be done and Grant money is not a esentuational as public Safety and protection !! This is where miss spent Grant money is waisted . I know that the way the grant money is being asked for and why , the budget cutting Bs are not using their heads , but their pocket books by cutting the wrong things let alone they are not FUNDING my # 1 PRIORITY LAW ENFORCEMENT …COUNTY and STATE are in Great NEED of FUNDING .💙💙💙

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