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New Lawsuit Against Gov. Inslee Seeks Reversal of Masking Mandate

Shella Sadovnik, an attorney with the Freedom Foundation talks with KOHO Morning Show host Chris Hansen about a new lawsuit which is being brought against Gov. Jay Inslee which is attempting to overturn his recent mandate for all Washington citizens to wear a mask in public during the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Nicole on July 12, 2020 at 4:04 pm

    Jay Inslee has made us targets to people in the community. Inslee makes a point to say things like “if you care” making it sound like we are uncaring if we don’t, or can’t wear a mask. Leaving us open to nasty comments and sometimes aggressive behavior by others. Making businesses that are already fighting to stay afloat refuse service to people. Businesses he deemed “essential”. Inslee has his own agenda and I’m convinced he is no longer capable of doing what’s right for Washington. He has turned into a tyrant. Our freedoms and the constitution are no longer upheld by Inslee. We the people have had enough!

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