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Still $800,000 Gap To Close In Chelan County’s 2020 Budget, Commissioner Says

Chelan County Commissioner Kevin Overbay joins Dan Langager on the KOHO Morning Show to talk about the county’s 2020 budget and its new waste facility opening this week.

The Moderate Risk Waste Facility on Highway 97A will allow county residents to drop off household chemicals, oils, paints and other hazardous products year-round. It was built primarily with state dollars and Overbay said it will cost about $400,000 a year to manage and maintain. So although free for Chelan County residents, they’re asking for a $10 donation each time you visit.

The county’s 2020 budget had a gap of about $2.3 million, but commissioners have that down to $800,000 now, Overbay said.

He said they’ll ask the legislature to free up some state monies that go to counties for use on forest health and other projects.

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