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2019 Election Results


Referendum 88 (R-88) asked voters whether they wanted to approve or reject Initiative 1000, which was passed by the legislature in April and implement affirmative action in the state is currently being rejected by voters, 51.77% to 48.23.

I-976 would cap most taxes paid through annual vehicle registration at $30 and largely revoke the authority of state and local governments to add new taxes and fees without voter approval is currently passing 55.76% to 44.24%.

Senate Joint Resolution 8200 which empowers the legislature to address succession of power during catastrophic events is currently passing 64.71% to 35.29%


City of Wenatchee:

Frank Kuntz ran unopposed for mayor and retains the position.

City Council At-Large A – Linda Hearld holds the lead over Jorge Charon

City Council #1 – Jose Luis Cuevas holds the lead over Roberto Vargas-Mata

City Council #4 – Travis Hornby holds the lead over Melanie Wachholder

Wenatchee School Board position #1 – Laura Jascks holds the lead over Meliesa Tigard

Wenatchee School Board position #2 – Tim Larson holds the lead over Karina Vega-Villa

Wenatchee School Board position #3 – Martin Barron holds the lead over Sunny Hemphill

City of East Wenatchee:

Mayor – Jerrilea Crawford holds the lead over Tim Detering

City Council #6 – Christine Johnson holds the lead over Marl Kane

Eastmont School Board Director #5 At-Large – Meaghan Vibbert holds the lead over Lyle McClune

Eastmont School Board Director #1 – Cindy Wright holds the lead over Sasha Sleiman

Eastmont School Board Director #2 – Whitney Smith holds the lead over Nathan Mediros

City Of Cashmere:

Mayor – Jim Fletcher holds the lead over Larry Bruehl

City of Leavenworth:

Mayor – Carl Florea holds the lead over Scott Bradshaw

City Council #1 – Jason Lundgren holds the lead over Lynn Watson

City Council #7 –  Mia Bretz holds the lead over Zeke Reister

City of Chelan:

Mayor – Bob Goedde holds the lead over Mike Cooney

City of Entiat:

Mayor – Michael Buckingham holds the lead over John R. Alt II

Voter turnout was this election with 26.08% for Chelan County and 19.71% for Douglas County. Statewide voter turnout was 22.98%. The next ballot count will take place this Friday, Nov. 11.

Election results are certified by each county on November 26, 2019.

The Secretary of State certifies final results by December 05, 2019.

Results posted before certification are unofficial.

Look for complete election results on KOHO

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