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Wenatchee, Eastmont School Board Candidate Forum

The Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted a candidate forum the morning of Thursday, Oct. 17 at the Convention Center featuring the candidates for the Wenatchee and Eastmont School Boards.

Ballots must be filled out and returned by Election Day Tuesday, Nov. 5.

The forum jumps right in with Cindy Wright and Sasha Sleiman, running for seat No. 1; followed by seat No. 2: Whitney Smith v. Nathan Medeiros; and seat No. 5 (at large): Lyle McClune v. Meaghan Vibbert.

Then the Wenatchee school board candidates: seat No. 1: Laura Jaecks v. Meliesa Tigard; seat No. 2: Tim Larson v. Karina Vega-Villa; and seat No. 3: Sunny Hemphill v. Martin Barron.

The Chamber is hosting another forum next week with the candidates for East Wenatchee Mayor and City Council and Wenatchee City Council. It’s at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday the 22nd at Town Toyota Center.


  1. todd t cordell on October 18, 2019 at 12:18 pm

    What a funny question to ask meliesa hauley/tigard what ever she goes by now considering she just about ran half of the families away from the wenatchee youth circus and several of the ones that stayed could not stand her. She caused so much controversy, not only was it not fun anymore, i really did not want her pushing her values on my kids. She says listen listen listen. she has never listened to anyone and her one agenda on the school board is to push her anti/christian far far FAR left agenda . I have saved some of her facebook posts since before she cleaned up her facebook and changed her name….Meliesa Hawley Exactly. Dems get about 30% of the vote in my county, but that means we hold virtually no offices here, and R’s frequently run unopposed. There is a job to be done in places like where you and I live…. ( SO THAT IS WHAT SHE IS WANTING TO DO HERE IN WENATCHEE AND THIS IS HER VIEWS ON US CHRISTIANS)Meliesa Hawley Very cool. Your religion is more dependent on where you were born than any other factor.
    Steve Ruddy its more about what you are taught … more that GOD was remove the more people became asshole .. now instead of only having a few we have millions .. 😀
    Meliesa Hawley What you are taught is directly related to where they’re born. In this country, christianity is dominant, and its followers are on the wrong side of the social justice issues I care about.

  2. Daniel Jordan on October 20, 2019 at 10:59 am

    Thanks to KOHO for having these forums. It can be difficult to make judgments about local elections due to a lack of information about their goals, qualifications, accomplishments and comments. I’ll will delay completing my ballot until after the October 22 KOHO forum.

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