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For the majority of students across North Central Washington, school starts this week. And the American Red Cross wants both students and drivers to be aware. Marcus Bellissimo reports.

KOHO’s Dan Langager also caught up with Wenatchee Police Officer Jarod Reinfeld – the School Resource Officer for the Wenatchee School District – about the start of the year, his relationship with the students and road paving impacting school mornings this week.

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  1. Dale Hoffman on August 26, 2019 at 9:00 pm

    Hi, I’m a bus driver and no one ever tells people what they are looking at when they see a school bus.
    1. If the red lights below the level of the windows are flashing, that means the driver is stopping to pu or drop off a student off the road way ie. Large driveway that the entire bus can get off the traveled road way. Slow down and watch for a student who may have dropped papers and is chasing the paper work. (If bus is stopped with just lights flashing below the window level, a student should not be entering roadway.
    Or bus is turning or about to turn around,
    Or bus is stopped at a R/R crossing.
    2. If yellow lights are flashing above window level the bus driver is about to put out the stop sign
    3. When red stop sign is out
    You stop. period.
    And it isn’t like a stop sign that you can stop than GO.
    You must stay STOPPED until the stop sign is retracted.
    I think people run stop signs alot because they go blank on what to do.
    Just tell people below window line slow down pay attention to what is happening.
    If above window line, prepare to stop, and wait.

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