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Child Attacked By Cougar At Leavenworth’s Enchantment Park

Boy Escaped Injury, Cougar Later Killed –

A cougar tried to attack a child in Leavenworth Saturday night and was then killed by Fish & Wildlife agents the next morning.

Washington State Patrol and Chelan County Sheriff’s officials responded to Enchantment Park around dusk on Saturday after reports of a cougar prowling the area. The family there said the cougar tried to attack the young boy but the family’s dogs chased it away. The child escaped serious injury.

The cougar was euthanized after it was tracked down by State Department of Fish and Wildlife officers and agency dogs a few hours later – about 1 a.m. Sunday. Officials kept the park closed during the hunt.

The reason the cougar attacked isn’t known and biologists examined the cougar yesterday morning and say they didn’t find signs of illness or injury.

Photos: Washington State Patrol, Fish & Wildlife Dept.

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