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Whitman Professor Says Celebrate Environmental Success Stories, While Taking Action Now On Climate Change

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the threats of climate change, as well as how it’s portrayed in the media, how we talk about it as a society. But one expert in Washington says it’s not all doom and gloom.

Whitman College Professor Dr. Frank Dunnivant has a new book out – “Environmental Success Stories” – which asks us to not forget the positive, progressive actions we as a country and a species have already taken to tackle environmental issues.

Dunnivant’s perspective is one of positive thinking – celebrating how far we’ve come in improving drinking water, waste treatment, pollution and developing new technologies.

But, now we have to take those stories of people working together to improve complex environmental issues and direct those same efforts toward climate change. Dunnivant said we have the means now to mitigate its impact, but are lacking the social and political will to act.

KOHO’s Dan Langager sat down with Dunnivant before his talk at Wenatchee Valley College this week.

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