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2019 Legislature: Lawmakers Considering Restarting Cougar Control Pilot Program

A pilot program that concluded in 2011 is once again before the legislature. It seeks to keep in check Washington’s cougar population. Marcus Bellissimo reports.


  1. Randy Dutton on January 30, 2019 at 4:11 pm

    Please extend the cougar culling to Grays Harbor County!!! Over the years I have lost several calves to cougars, and I proved DFW was falsifying the cougar reporting numbers in violation of RCW 12.77.885. DFW officials even admitted their numbers were wrong yet kept them up such that the Seattle Times repeated the lie of ‘declining cougar sightings’ when DFW admitted their recordskeeping was wrong. Yet they refused to tell Seattle Times that false info had been used. Oct 2017 an adult cougar ran within two feet of both my wife and myself while we were nearly in our front yard. Another time a cougar walked across our front yard about noon time hunting our two dogs. My elderly neighbor has so many cougars on his property, he won’t go to his barn unless he’s carrying a pistol (and he is ex-USAF special forces!). Within two miles there is a family recreation park. How long until a child is taken?

  2. Dale Magart on January 30, 2019 at 5:24 pm

    The intent of this bill and the past bill was to deal with problem cats that posed a risk to humans, pets and livestock. We are way past that situation here in NE WA today. Outdoorsman, be it hunters, loggers, hikers etc, are seeing cougars or their sign on a rapidly increasing frequency. Game cameras are regularly showing more cougars, bears too, then deer or elk. The predator situation is alarming and our ungulates are in grave peril. We need to do away with the quota system in Region 1 and replace it with a minimum threshold as in the Idaho panhandle. This system allows Idah to harvest cats until they take less than 50 cats in two consecutive seasons. They have been harvesting 100+/- cats a year for the last several years. Their deer harvest has increased from 5000 a few years ago to over 10,000 last year. Ours has been dropping every year.

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