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Wenatchee Valley Humane Society Adds New Dog Behavior Training To Increase Adoptions

The Wenatchee Valley Humane Society says it added behavior and obedience programs to their list of resources. The programs are a tool used to help some of the more rambunctious and untrained dogs at the shelter, said its Executive Director Dawn Davies. She said the goal is to reduce their length of stay at the shelter and increase their adoptability.

All dogs entering the shelter are evaluated. Those who show signs of treatable behavior issues are placed into either the Canine Good Citizen-Ready program or the Total Obedience Program. Both programs give dogs a second chance for a happy home through training, diligence, and one-on-one development, Davies said.

Adopters of such dogs can learn the training skills received during the program and earn a Wenatchee Valley Humane Society TOP Dog certificate.

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