Wenatchee School Board Using $3 Million Bond Left-Over For High School Security

The Wenatchee School Board has been trying to decide what to do with $3 million – use it for upgrades at Wenatchee High School now or save it for a big remodel down the road. The Board decided this week to use it now, plus buy a new portable classroom and more fiber optics installation, as Marcus Bellissimo reports.


Also, earlier this week, a fake letter addressed to parents from Wenatchee High School was circulating on social media. The letter claimed that the school will be closing next year due to overpopulation and underperformance and for students to seek enrollment at WestSide or Eastmont High Schools. The forged letter appears on school letterhead and is signed “Mr. Gotem”. Diana Hagland, Communications Director for the Wenatchee Scholl District, said the letter did not come from any official school district channels.

The Wenatchee School District is treating this as a hoax and wants stakeholders to know that Wenatchee High School has no plans to close next year or anytime in the foreseeable future. Haglund added the school district would be embarrassed if the letter had come from their office due to the glaring grammatical mistakes found within the forged letter.

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