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Chelan County Cannabis Farmers File Lawsuit Against County Zoning Rules

Chelan County commissioners unanimously voted last week to place tight new zoning and enforcement rules on growers of legal cannabis. The board finalized a set of rules that’s been under discussion since 2015, when they placed a moratorium on permitting any new marijuana farms in the county. The 2015 moratorium came about due to complaints from neighbors of excessive odor, noise, nighttime lighting and other disturbances.
The Central Washington Growers Association, a trade group representing 36 local cannabis operations already has a lawsuit pending against the county, as do a handful of independent producers. All claim the county had violated the tenets of Initiative 502 with the 2015 moratorium. The group will likely seek a court injunction to stop the county’s new rules from taking effect, allowing producers to continue farming until there’s a verdict.
Caitlein Ryan, the Association’s President, joins Dan Langager in the KOHO studio to talk about what lead to their lawsuit and what comes next. Dan talked yesterday with Chelan County Commissioner Keith Geohner.


  1. Jeff on August 31, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    Commissioners are totally out of line. They are violating state, federal constitutional rights to farm. There is no difference between cannabis and hops in terms of agriculture.
    The tax payers should immedietly recall !

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