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Wenatchee Delegation Heading to Guadalajara, Mexico

A delegation of Wenatchee government and business leaders leave tomorrow for a week-long trip to Mexico. City council member and attorney Ruth Esparza joins Chris Hansen to talk about the two-fold purpose of the trip – experiencing Latino culture and forging business partnerships. She said this non-tax-funded trip is also a chance to develop possible sister cities in Mexico.


  1. MARY GUTIERREZ on January 31, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    This is great to hear .. I’m glad a proud to be a part of. Such a great community . I work in a community heath clinic and I truly commpacionate in helping our Latino community ..experiencing Latino culture and forgoing business partership will truly help our economy and our community and mexico’s .. Thank. You Ruth Esparza and. Chris Hansen for truly making a difference
    Please don’t hesitate if you need assistance .

    Mary Gutierrez
    [email protected]

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