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Senate Passes Hirst Water Bill, Again

Yesterday we talked about lawmakers in Olympia likely heading into a third special session, as the current second overtime ends Wednesday and with no operating budget deal in sight. But it’s not just education funding drawing out the budget negotiations, lawmakers also want to tackle issues surrounding homelessness, mental health, natural resources and the Hirst…

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Second Special Legislative Session Likely to Become Third

Washington lawmakers are nearing the end of their second special session, and with no signs that the Senate and House are any closer to agreement on education funding, the necessity of a third overtime session seems all but inevitable. In addition to satisfying a state Supreme Court ruling on increasing state money to basic education,…

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Sen. Parlette’s First-Ever Endorsement Goes to Jon Wyss

This week outgoing 12th District Washington State Senator Linda Evans-Parlette made an unprecedented move when she formally announced her endorsement for Jon Wyss to fill the seat she is vacating in Olympia. This is the first time Parlette has endorsed a candidate in her 20-year political career. She stopped by the KOHO studio to talk…

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